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Šopska Salata

This is a Montenegrin speciality. It is very similar to the famous greek salad with a few small changes. It doesn’t include olives, although you are welcome to add if you like. And rather than cubes of feta, you grate the cheese. This is my favourite part as it almost dresses the salad completely on its own. It's my favourite dish to order in Montenegro as it's the healthy option but comes piled with cheese! I did add avocado and radish which is not traditional but I had it ready so it was a nice addition.


3 large tomatoes or mixed cherry tomatoes

1 -2 cucumbers

½ red onion

1 capsicum

½ block feta, grated

Salt & pepper


Olive oil

Dried Oregano


Chop all the vege and place in a large bowl. Season lightly with salt & pepper, olive oil and vinegar then grate the feta directly on top. It helps if the cheese is cold from the fridge so it doesn’t crumble in your hands.


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