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Butternut Squash Mac & Cheese

I googled quite a few recipes and pulled the parts I liked from each of them. We made this gluten free by using quinoa pasta and it could easily be made vegan by skipping the grated cheese on top or using a vegan alternative. The main ingredient is the butternut squash and the delicious creaminess of the sauce took me back to childhood Mac & cheese, only with a much healthier version. I liked the simplicity of this but you could easily add grilled veggies, caramelised onions, mushrooms....the possibilities are endless.

1 small butternut squash (about 3 cups chopped)

3 c uncooked pasta

1 c almond milk

4 Tbsp nutritional yeast

1 tbsp paprika

salt & pepper to taste


(feel free to get creative with any herbs & spices you like)

Bring a large pot of water to boil. Chop the butternut lengthwise and use a vegetable peeler to remove the skin. Scoop out the seeds. Chop butternut into bite size piece. Place into boiling water and simmer for 12-15 minutes until fork tender. (One recipe I looked at baked the butternut for 45 minutes, which would bring a roasted caramelised flavour but I was in a hurry to the boiling method worked just fine).

While the squash is boiling bring another pot of water to boil for the pasta. Cook according to packet instructions.

Drain the butternut once it is soft. Allow to cool slightly before putting into your food processor. Add the almond milk, nutritional yeast, and seasonings. Blend until a creamy sauce comes together, adjust milk if you want it thinner. Taste and adjust seasonings.

Drain the pasta and return to the pot. Add the butternut mixture and stir well.

Pour pasta mixture into medium sized baking dish. If using top with grated cheese, otherwise place in the oven for 20-25 minutes until bubbling and golden. Sprinkle with parsley and enjoy. We served it with a side salad of microgreens and capsicums.


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