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Fish Salad

We do love a tuna salad but I have been making a concious effort to buy local products and avoid as much packaging as possible. We have been buying fish from a local monger in town and really enjoying eating a bit more seafood. Last week I bought twice the amount I needed for dinner and used the leftovers to make this simple and tasty fish salad.

Serves 2 hungry eaters

1 cup Cooked fish

2 stalks celery

2-3 radish

1 apple

1 sprig of parsley

2-3 Tablespoons natural yogurt (or you could use Mayonnaise)

1 Tbsp mustard (wholegrain or dijon)

½ squeezed lemon

Finely chop all the veggies and either shed the fish with your fingers or use a knife to cut it into small pieces. Add it to a bowl and stir through the yogurt & mustard. Season with salt & pepper.

Feel free to use any crunchy veggies you have on hand. Cucumbers &/or beans would be great. Serve alongside a green salad.

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