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Kale, Chickpea and Soba noodle bowl

Updated: Aug 22, 2021

I've previously shared a crispy kale recipe and was just planning to make that for dinner tonight but last minute felt inspired to mix it up a bit and add to it. It was a unique combination of flavours and textures but I really enjoyed it. It was also very filling with the chickpeas and nuts.

1 medium bunch curly kale, ribs and stems removed, leaves coarsely chopped (about 4 cups)

1 ¼ cups unsweetened coconut flakes

⅓ cup nutritional yeast

1 tsp salt, plus more to taste

2 Tbsp extra-virgin olive oil

Place racks in upper and lower thirds of oven. Toss kale, coconut, nutritional yeast, 1⁄2 tsp. salt, and 2 Tbsp. olive oil in a large bowl to coat. Divide mixture evenly between 2 rimmed baking sheets and roast, tossing and rotating baking sheets halfway through, until kale is crisp and coconut is golden brown, 15–20 minutes. Keep an eye on it as mine went fast.

1 c chickpeas (drained and fairly dry)

½ c mixed nuts (I had almonds, cashews, walnuts & peanuts)

1 TBSP miso paste (red or white is fine)

sprinkle of chilli flakes if you want some heat

In a bowl mix the miso paste into the chickpeas and nuts, sprinkle with chili and then pour onto a roasting dish. Place in the top shelf of the oven and roast until golden. At this point I moved the kale down and placed the chickpeas on the top shelf.

Bring a pot of water to boil and cook soba noodles (mine were ready in 4 minutes). Drain the noodles and seperate into serving bowls. Once the chickpeas , nuts and kale are golden remove from the oven. Divide onto the noodles. You could also pour everything into a large salad bowl and give it a good mix together.

Hope you enjoy this one as much as we did.


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