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Roast veggie pasta salad

This could be a guideline to endless possibilities for a salad.

2-3 beetroot

½ butternut squash or large pumpkin wedge

handful pearl onions or one onion cut into wedges

3-4 curly kale leaves, roughly chopped

2 c uncooked pasta (we used quinoa fussili)

Wash beetroot thoroughly, I leave the skin on but you could peel them if you prefer. Cut into wedges and place on roasting dish. Cut butternut into bite size pieces and add to roasting pan. Add onions with the other veggies. You could add carrots too.

Season with salt & pepper & olive oil. Cook 40-50 minutes until beetroot are fork tender.

Cook pasta according to packet instructions. Drain and return to pot. While it is still hot add the chopped kale, and stir well. Place the lid on and the heat of the pasta should steam the kale a bit without over cooking it. I like it to have a little crunch. Once the roast veggies are done and them to the pot and mix well. You could always add feta or goats cheese to take this to the next level.

We toasted pumpkin seeds and sprinkled over the top and a drizzle of chilli infused olive oil.

Would be a great side salad at a potluck or BBQ.


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