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Seedy Loaf

MAKES 2 Loaves

600 gr Whole wheat flour

250 gr white high grade flour

17g salt

2 Tbsp sunflower seeds

2 Tbsp pumpkin seeds

1 Tbsp sesame seeds

540ml warm water

12gr active yeast

1tsp sugar or honey

35 ml oil


80-100 g chopped walnuts or nuts of choice

Warm water to 35*C add sugar & yeast, stir and then let sit 10-15 minutes until yeast activates.

Add flours together in large bowl and mix in salt (and any other dry seasoning you like, rosemary is a favourite)

Add yeast mixture and oil to flours and use a wooden spoon to combine, once it is nearly combined turn out on surface to knead dough 10-15 minutes until smooth and firm. With whole wheat flour the dough is definitely stiffer than white bread.

Cut the dough into 2 pieces. Option to bake both now, or what I do is bake 1 now as below, and place 1 in small oiled bowl and cover with wrap and put into the fridge. Ive been leaving it 1-2 days, then when I need it, take it out and leave to double in size (this can be more like 3-4 hours depending how warm the room is), then follow the directions below.

Oil large bowl and roll dough in oil, cover and let sit in warm room until doubled in size (45-1:30 hours)

Turn out dough and knead again. When satisfied form dough onto baking paper on a tray. Cover and let sit 1 hour or longer depending on how much it rises.

Turn on oven to 180* C and place empty tray into oven to heat (this will help the bread to get crispy) Once dough has risen enough transfer baking paper onto hot tray!

Bake 40 minutes until done when internal temp is 85* C



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