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Turnip, Radish & Daikon stir fry

This was a great dish but was made extra special as we grew all the root veggies. Another perk was not just using the roots but using the tops as well! They were all delicious lightly sautéed, even the daikon that was a bit rough to start. I think it is important with all these veggies not to over cook them as they can turn to mush. Ideally they should have a bit of a crunch but be warmed through. Hope you are inspired by this dish.

Serves 4

Bunch of radish

Bunch of purple daikon (skin peeled off)

Bunch of turnips

Tops reserved (if you don't have tops you could use silverbeet, kale or spinach)

2 Tbsp miso paste

¼ c coconut cream

¼ c water or vegetable stock

Rice or noodles (we used pad Thai noodles but soba or udon would be wonderful too)

Fried eggs for serving


Remove tops and set aside. Quarter all the root veggies. In a large pan add a splash of cooking oil and add the veggies. Allow them to grill for 2-3 minutes. Meanwhile pile all the tops together and roughly chop them. Once the veggies are starting to brown add the miso and mix well. Add the coconut cream and then place the green tops on top and cover with a lid. The steam from the coconut should start to cook the greens. Add a little splash of water or stock if you don't think you have enough liquid.

In a seperate pot cook rice or noodles as directed. Our noodles took 6 minutes. Drain and return to large pot. Once the greens start to wilt, add all the veggies to the pot with noodles and stir well, cover with a lid and simmer if you want to absorb a bit more liquid.

Fry eggs to your liking. This would go great with grilled chicken or tofu if you'd prefer.

Serve between plates and garnish with coriander.

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